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Elk City Breaks Ground for New Airport Terminal and Hangar  

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Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics
May 3, 2024 

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics, in collaboration with the City of Elk City, celebrated the groundbreaking for the new Elk City Regional Business Airport terminal and hangar. The event occurred on Friday, April 26, 2024, at 10:00 AM, with distinguished speakers including State Representative Nick Archer, Elk City Mayor Cory Spieker, and Bobby Southard, City of Elk City Airport Board Chairman. Various state legislative officials and community leaders attended to mark this significant milestone in Oklahoma’s aviation infrastructure development.

“Terminal buildings serve as gateways to communities, leaving lasting impressions on visitors,” said Executive Director Grayson Ardies, Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics. “The new Elk City Regional Business Airport terminal reflects the community’s vision and commitment to excellence in aerospace. We are proud to partner with the city on this project and look forward to the future growth this investment will spur throughout the region.”

“I am glad that I was part of the funding and selection process for this renewal of the Elk City Airport and Terminal,” said Senator Brent Howard. “The possibilities for western Oklahoma and the aviation industry are almost limitless and this investment in our area will help welcome new opportunities.”

“The Elk City Regional Airport has a 5.7M economic impact on our community; By replacing our 1966 terminal, we are getting a new front door to our city,” said Oklahoma State Representative Nick Archer. “This forward-thinking will serve our city and community for decades.”

“Today marks a giant leap forward for Elk City’s Aviation community, and the City is thrilled with the assistance from the Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics to bring our vision with this project to reality,” said Tom Ivester, Elk City Manager.

Bobby Southard, Elk City Airport Chairman, emphasized the importance of the new terminal, stating, “The movers and shakers, the people who bring business to a town, don’t come in on the Greyhound bus. They come to town from the airport, and now we will be able to make a great first impression of Elk City with our new terminal.”

“It is a great day for the City of Elk City partnering with the Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics for the construction of a new terminal and hangar at the Elk City Airport,” said Cory Spieker, Elk City Mayor. “Elk City is fortunate to be one of three cities in Oklahoma to be chosen for this project.”

The groundbreaking ceremony signifies a culmination of strategic investments in aviation infrastructure by Oklahoma’s leadership. Beginning with the 2022 Legislative Session, increased funding allocated to the Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics marked a significant shift in prioritizing aerospace and defense initiatives. This sustained investment has empowered the department to embark on transformative projects, including the construction of three new terminal buildings across the state, made possible by FY 2024 appropriations.

This project marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Elk City and the broader Oklahoma aerospace industry. As the state continues to attract attention on the national stage for its innovative solutions and strategic investments, events like this underscore Oklahoma’s ascent as a top destination for aerospace and defense.


The mission of the Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics is to promote aviation, which includes ensuring that the needs of commerce and communities across the state are met by the state’s 108 publicly owned airports that comprise the Oklahoma Airport System, and helping ensure the viability of the state’s aerospace industry.

Aviation Industry Facts:

The Oklahoma Aviation & Aerospace Industry produces just under $44B in annual economic activity, making it the second largest economic engine in our state. The average salary in the industry is $73,300 making it one of the highest average salaries in the state.  The state has 108 public airports in its system with over 96% of our population being within 30 minutes from one of the 44 airports with a 5,000 foot, jet-capable runway.