Billy Sims BBQ, 2103 South Main, Elk City, OK

The Elk City Chamber of Commerce welcomes Billy Sims BBQ as a new member.

Billy Sims was on hand to greet customers.

The new restaurant is getting rave reviews.


September 21-22, 2013

The Elk City Fall Festival, sponsored by the chamber of commerce, celebrates its 40th year as the largest show in western Oklahoma. We have expanded the show selections to include antiques and furniture. Join us and experience down-home hospitality at this fall premier.

The festival also features a variety of great food vendors.

Click to download the 40th Annual Fall Festival brochure



Route 66 days will be held June 6th-9th. The events are as follows:

Downtown Retail District have sales at their stores, and Retail promotion

43rd Annual Oil & Gas Industry Appreciation Golf Tournament, Elk City Golf & Country Club.

City Wide Garage Sales 



The 40th Annual Fall Festival date for 2013 will be September 21st and 22nd.  More information will come when the event comes closer, but you may call the Chamber of Commerce to add your name for the mailing list if you have not been to our show.  


Here's the Elk City Chamber of Commerce Newsletter for March 2013. Click download to get your copy.



What Are Chamber Dollars?

Chamber Dollars are a gift certificate currency that is produced and distributed through the Elk City Chamber of Commerce. These Chamber Dollars are available in various denominations.

How Are They Spent?

Customers can use them at any Chamber of Commerce member. These Chamber Dollars are redeemable for merchandise and services dollar for dollar. Customers will simple present them at the time of purchase for payment. Customers can receive change back, since the business will be reimbursed for the value of the Chamber Dollars.

Do They Expire?

Each Chamber Dollar has an issue date and expiration date that is filled out when purchased. Recipients have specified amount of time to redeem these Chamber Dollars for merchandise or services.

As A Business Owner, How Do I Accept Them?

You would treat Chamber Dollars as you would a cash sale. It's that simple! Chamber Dollars are as good as cash... you will be reimbursed full value of any Chamber Dollars spent at your business. The business owner will mail or bring Chamber Dollars to the Chamber office to be reimbursed.